Recruitment Solutions

Permanent Staff
TCB IRELAND has an enormous database of candidates that we regularly refresh to ensure we have active job seekers in all categories. If you have a vacancy we can move you straight to the short- list stage. No need for you to wade through CVs and sit through screening interviews - that's our job.

We'll present you with qualified candidates for you to choose your new employee. Your position filled without you having to divert valuable resources from your business activities, especially when you're already short staffed.

Contract Staff
If you need a more flexible arrangement TCB IRELAND can deliver long or short term contract staffing solutions. Our approach is to tailor this service to your specific needs whether the role is in

  • Administration
  • Facilities
  • Merchandising
  • Secretarial
  • Security

Temporary Staff
For whatever reason e.g. illness, maternity leave etc. if you need a temporary staffing solution call TCB IRELAND. We can deliver that "extra pair of hands" from our bank of" Temps". These are people with the experience to allow them make a contribution straight away.